I sat down and thought about the lamenting teachers especially those in private schools, the so called private teachers. Well as I do not agree with that nomenclature, society has embraced it. Think about it, how can a teacher who teaches citizens of the country be a private teacher? Leaving that aside, even the so-called Government teachers derive their livelihood from private schools because several of them commit their salaries to serving loans. With that put in context, the closure of schools has affected the whole human resource of the education sector. Mind you the Education sector could be the leading formal employer of people in Uganda. Myopically, individuals can look at the teachers as people who need sympathy because they have cried out loudly but please let us dissect the broader picture of the society.
Imagine the poor ladies who sell eats to school children as they go to school, forget these top-level schools were students eat biscuits. There are those who depend on the cassava and pancakes sold along the road side. These people now have their livelihood in a limbo!
Imagine the school vans which felly students every day to school in most parts of the country, they definitely consume fuel. So, by extrapolation these petrol stations are feeling the impact of closing schools.
Imagine the farmers who sell their produce to schools, they too have no market for their goods. Currently matooke is at less than 10,000 a batch in some parts of Uganda yet schools usually buy these in bulk to have dieted changes for students. Look at the financial coldness in suburbs and other suburbs surrounding Educational institutions. These people suffering are not teachers
Imagine those who deal in scholastic material like realms of papers, books, pens and pencils. They don’t have market now. The individuals who sell textbooks and all other reading material have had their sales reduce to zero percent.
I could go on and on extrapolating the effect of closure of schools to society because it is a cobweb. The effect of closure of schools should not be underscored to only the suffering of teachers but a broader picture needs to be painted. At the time of closure, statistics was given that schools hold 15 million students, this did not include the teachers and the support staff. If these are included, we could probably be talking about 17 million individuals. In a country of 40 million people, 17 million is a significant number in the micro-economy.
Do not be deceived that teachers will die in this game but the effects might not be easily reversed. Teachers are very adaptive and many of them have accepted the reality surrounding them, they are venturing in sectors which were deemed unworthy before the closure of schools. This definitely shows that the teachers are resilient but it will have a counter effect on the education system when schools open. Believe me, many schools are exploitative and never pay teachers what is their worth.

Wait for an exodus of previously seasoned and committed teachers out of the system because their monetary demands this time will be according to market value not sympathy.

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Uganda’s politics and Covid-19

When it was the last Hope, term limits were removed, we convinced ourselves that age limit would bring a proper transition in our pearl of Africa , Uganda , Age limit was scraped off , leaving no hope for a change in 2021.

Is the rise of key figures in the country, Mr Kyaguranyi ( Bob wine ) Lt.Gen Tumukunde and others going to change the face of politics in Uganda .

What has other political strugglers who occasionally say theres no democracy in Uganda been up too. We have hard a series of promises that either yield no results or they were masking the citizens .

My perspective

Yes in Uganda we have persevered because probably people have a strong belief that the opposition leaders like Rtd.Col Besigye,Mao Bobi wine, Gen Muntu and the Rest share/or are just pages of the ruling party NRM, other wise out of the ashes of tried democracy in Uganda and the so called free and fair elections held in 2016,when I voted my first time , anew beginning could have been born in this cradle of civilization and democracy, giving posibly new insights to our politics and changing the face our our country .

However Look 30yrs +5 yrs (2016-2021) now due to Covid 19, there will be postponing of general elections posibly .

Well NRM’s coming in power is really a remarkable chapter in history of Uganda and the whole world, This year and last year majority hard obviously endosed another sole candidate for 2021 in various parties with old faces not likely to miss out on the barrot , i believe posibly yes if covid 19 never came on board, 2021 would have been time to turn to the next page through unity and peaceful fundamental change regardless of who comes in with which age or political party , that wouldn’t be an issue absolutely.
The long stay in power , yes , but I don’t hear most people talk about His excelence the president of Rusia, Just like our grand pa , i think he has equally stayed long and was planing to change constitution to allow him come on barrot if it was not because of covid 19 .
What’s the time to take off then ?
The time would have been posibly 2021 , taking off from our beds, putting on our clothes and good marching shoes, raise voices with applause and cheers mounted, and shake off, with a barrot paper , This Would stop complaining about corruption, un employment, poor health services, poor roads, poor governance, poor education, killings like our dear Afande Kawesi , and the rest and up to today myself I have not known who are those responsible , unemployment, etc, posibly majority of Ugandans would stop grumbling, stop the cry , was there to be fair justice for all , the rich and the people . Alevel of the positives above exist though not sufficient enough to certicify all ugandans.
Today there’s now a need to focus on Corona virus not politics, The 2021 money for elections can be used to rescue our economy, and supporting the vurunarable,
its time to press on, and press the button strongly with all our efforts to ensure covid 19 is out of our country . Be responsible for your self , your family , your children . Don’t give chance to anyone who wants to turn this pendamic to an avenue of stealing the little we have because our MPs, Minister’s and so on will just turn it into business, remember the locust invasion , where did locusts disappear too ?I some times i tend to think our oposition leaders are simply comedians and can’t walk the talk.
Fellow Ugandans , country men we need to wake up and talk and act with the same language.
For now stay Home ,isolate your self , and family ! save your life , save lives . Protect our doctors we need them . Follow government guidelines and ministry of health .let’s join together to fight covid 19.
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Digital education way to go!

Dear parents, Guardians and students !

Greetings to you all.

While at home-schooling/remotely/or using digital means to access education , and you feel need any assistance or your child needs assistance with understanding something that has been assigned for your child, or if you need more resources, just give me a shout.
I’m a Secondary School graduate teacher for chemistry /Math! Message me anything you may need however small it may feel to you.

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Covid -19 Must go.

Stay safe , keep following guidelines issued by the government and ministry of health .
Prevention is better than cure .

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Is there innovativeness and creativity in the new Uganda’s first curriculum!

How will the implementation be and who is implementing the new Uganda Curriculum.

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